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A Beginner's Guide to Detailing

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    Even though several years had passed since I first became a car owner, I was still quite unfamiliar with some terms such as “detailing”. My friend kept on telling me to get detailing services for my car. But I was just too oblivious. I didn’t know what it was, so I checked. And after having my car detailed, I’m hitched.

    In this article, I’ll be discussing why I am currently obsessed with car detailing. I also included everything you must know about the service and what you can also expect from it.

    What Is Car Detailing?

    Car detailing is a set of professional services that keep your car in pristine condition. It includes over-the-top cleaning and reconditioning procedures that turn any car in its best possible version.

    From the word itself, “detailing” is a very meticulous and in-depth service that transcends beyond cleaning. Professional detailing is a deep car cleaning service that applies special techniques to restore the quality of your car near to how it was when you got it for the first time –showroom quality, I dare say.

    How Is It Different From A Regular Car Wash?

    I used to hear people talking about detailing and car wash as if they are synonymous. Never make this mistake. Because car detailing is not just a fancy word for a full detail carwash. It’s like an upgraded version of a car wash inside and out.

    The main difference between a carwash and detailing is the depth and thoroughness of the cleaning process. Unlike in carwash that only cleans whatever is noticeable on the surface, car detailing is more meticulous and labor-intensive.

    Detailing professionals clean the parts of the car found under the layer of paint. They also check your vehicle for embedded contaminants, microscopic scratches, and unnoticed dents. Therefore, detailing takes a longer time to complete than the almost 2-hour car wash service near your place.

    Apart from cleaning, car detailing also revitalizes and restores the condition of a car. Professional detailing can polish flaws on the car finish. The secret is that car detailers use effective tools and chemicals to restore a car's condition to an almost-brand new quality, which a carwash can never do.

    Moreover, it also helps in the preservation and protection of the car. Some providers offer additional techniques so as to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle.

    What Are The Key Components Of Car Detailing?

    Another interesting thing about car detailing is that it has two major components – interior and exterior detailing.

    From their names themselves, interior detailing focuses on the details inside the car – upholstery, cushions, mats, leatherworks, and even aircon. On the other hand, external detailing looks for dirt, contaminants, and dust on the surfaces of the car.

    Today, companies manufacture chemicals and tools intended for each component. You can buy products more appropriate for external detailing and vice versa.

    What Services You Can Expect From Car Detailing?

    The services may vary depending on the detailing providers, but here’s a list of the most basic service you can expect from them:

    Exterior Detailing

      Washing, Cleaning and Drying

    • This is often done by hand. The professional detailers take a closer look at every possible nook, corner, and space of the car. This step calls for keen eyes and scrupulous habits.

      Professional detailers use special cleaning sprays and powerful chemicals to remove dirt, stains, and other contaminants embedded on the surface of the car.

    • Claying

    • This refers to the process of using a clay bar, a powerful elastic clay that deep cleans the surface of your car by pulling out the contaminants and traces of overspray on the car’s surface. This procedure enhances the effectiveness of car wax.

    • Polishing

    • One of the things that happen when you use your car is that it loses its original shine. Detailing addresses this problem by applying a polish buff that covers small scratches, paint swirls, and clear coat layers.

    • Waxing

    • To further restore the original shine of your car’s surface, professional detailers also apply wax or sealant to it. These compounds restore the glossy finish of the car, which makes it look new and revitalized.

    Polishing a Car

    Internal Detailing


  • The most basic step in interior detailing is cleaning the seats, headliners, dashboards, rear cargo area, trunks, carpets, and shelves. The best way to do this is by using a vacuum. Some detailing providers also use air compressors to sup the dust and dirt in difficult-to-reach corners.

  • Brushing and Scrubbing

  • When all the dirt and dust are gone, it’s time for some scrubbing. This is done to remove the stains, blemishes, and dirt that had accumulated on your carpet, seats, and mat.

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Some stains are just too tough that even scrubbing cannot win over. The answer is steam cleaning.

  • Glass Cleaning

  • Other than the seats, mats, and carpet, the windshields and windows of the car also need some attention. These parts are thoroughly cleaned during the service so that you’ll have a clear view while on the road.

  • Leather Trimming

  • In this step, special leather cleaning chemicals are used with soap and water. Detailing professionals may also apply leather conditioners to make the cleaning process more potent.

  • Re-vacuuming and Wiping

  • After every corner of the car has been dried, it is important to vacuum once more to ensure that the vehicle is spotless.

  • Perfuming

  • The last step in finishing touch detailing is making it fragrant with good-smelling perfumes and scents. You can request to opt out of this step if you have allergies.

  • Smoke Smell Removal

  • The odors inside your car especially the one coming from smoke is a tough smell to erase. This problem is often addressed by car detailing smoke odor removal steps. Service providers often use specialized cleaning chemicals and equipment to remove the traces of the foul odor.

  • Optional Detailing Services

    On top of the exterior and interior detailing, there are some services selectively offered by precision auto detailing providers as part of the package.

    Paint Correction

    This step helps remove dull and damaged paintwork on the surface of your car.

    Ceramic Coating

    In this step, a layer of ceramic is applied to the surface of your car, which protects the quality of your car paint.


    Paint protection film (PPF) is often used as a more effective alternative to ceramic coating. This compound protects your car from scratches, UV light, mineral deposits, acid rain, and other threats from the environment.

    What Are The Benefits Of Car Detailing To My Car?

    There are so many upsides to having your car detailed.

    1. First and foremost, attention to detail car detailing helps lengthen the life span of your vehicle. By thorough cleaning, you prevent the risks of deterioration and damage due to the risky accumulation of dirt, dust, and other compounds.

    2. Second, detailing can help your car maintain its pristine and aesthetic looks. By adding protection to your car, you keep the car paint on flick, glossy, and attractive. No one wants a dusty and dirty car, right?

    3. Third, the in-depth and extensive cleaning of the car enables its engine to run smoothly as you liberate it from dust, dirt, and other materials that often cause clogs and obstruction.

    4. Last, if you have plans of reselling your car, then it’s a must that you get it detailed. This service will definitely help get a higher value since it will show you kept your car in very good condition.

    How Does Car Detailing Help Me
    As A Car Owner?

    We have talked so much about the upsides of getting auto detailing service for your car, but not for the owners. Well, fret nor more because here’s a shortlist of the benefits for car owners:

    You save a lot of money on repairs and car replacements

    Precision car detailing will cost you some money, but it's definitely not as costly as major repairs or buying a new car. Moreover, since your engine runs undisturbed, no gas is ever wasted.

    You feel refreshed and satisfied while riding your car

    Trust me on this. The first time I rode my newly detailed car, it felt extremely good! It’s like the space got bigger. On top of that, it certainly felt cleaner and safer with all the dirt and dust removed.

    You can drive with confidence

    Nothing gives you more confidence than driving a good-looking car on the road. You also worry less about scratches because the paint is topped with a protective layer. Overall, the driving experience is improved because of the ultimate car detailing experience.

    The Takeaway

    Car detailing is a must-have service for car owners because it restores and protects the state of your car. It makes sure that a car lives a long life looking dazzling and beautiful as ever.

    What Should I Consider In Choosing Detailing Service Providers?

    If you are a newbie in car detailing, you might feel sort of lost and overwhelmed at the same time while looking for trusted and reliable auto detailing providers. What I did in my case was first to consult with my family and peers. I asked around where they usually get an onsite car detailing service. Afterward, I ask them about their personal experience. I shortlisted my prospects based on their reviews.

    Afterward, I checked the websites of the providers, or I called them to ask about what they offer. When talking with service providers, I always mention the model of my car to know if they have the experience and capacity to handle it. This is highly recommended to owners with cars requiring special care.

    Most importantly, I consider the price of the service. I assess the quality of service and the matching cost, whether it’s reasonable or not.

    Just to give you an idea, some of the businesses that belonged to my shortlist were Attention to Detail - Mobile Detailing and Precision Auto Detailing.


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