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    Engine Cleaning - Should You Do It?

    Washing engine at car wash isn’t commonly done by car owners because they’re afraid that the water jet will jiggle an important part and cause some damage. This is a valid concern – the fact is that washing your engine using a pressure washer can do more harm than good as the jet can damage the internal of the engine. Does that mean that you should never clean your engine? Of course not!

    Your engine needs to be cleaned too as it accumulates dust and debris that can limit its ability to function. For example, the cooling mechanism of the car can have diminished capacity, causing the car to quickly overheat. If you clean this area often, however, the chances of this happening are minimal.

    Getting Professional Engine Cleaning

    To avoid causing damage to your car, spending on a professional engine cleaning service is usually the best idea. Sure, it may add to the overall maintenance cost of your car – but the pros outweigh the cons of paying for an engine cleaning cost. You will know that a good cleaning service can lengthen the life of your car, and allow it to perform better. Here are just some of the benefits of opting for professional services:

    • It prevents the accumulation of combustive materials. This includes leaves and oil – all of which can easily ignite under the right temperature. Since the engine of the car tends to accumulate heat, you want to make sure that there’s nothing to burn when this happens.

    • Professional engine cleaning also helps you spot potential problems before they become too costly. Think of it as a grooming service that lets you quickly see if there are underlying problems to the car such as cracks, dents, and fluid leaks. If noticed before they become too big, these problems can be fixed, and prevent you from more engine detailing costs.

    • The cleaning removes any road salt, debris, or any other type of material buildup that could lead to corrosion. This is especially true if you love taking trips to nearby Alabama beaches.

    • A dirty engine makes it perform poorly – which means that it will consume more energy than intended. Think of it as a refrigerator that’s caked with ice buildup. You need to “clean” the fridge so that it can reset and run using less power. Simply put – a clean engine helps you save on fuel costs.

    • Finally, a clean engine makes the car look better from all sides. If you intend to clean the car, having the engine cleaned regularly will help maintain its value.

    Keep in mind that all these benefits are only available if you get access to quality engine washing services.

    Types of Engine Cleaning

    There are actually different ways engines can be cleaned, depending on your personal preferences. Here’s what you should know about each one:

    • Using a degreaser coupled with a pressure washer. This is perhaps the easiest way to get the job done – especially since a degreaser can be bought practically off the counter. You spray the degreaser over the engine and allow it to work before rinsing with a pressure washer. Without the degreaser, you’ll find that water only makes the oil and grease stick tougher on the engine.

      You might also focus too much on engine parts that need a gentler touch. Pressure washers can be very strong and jiggle small parts off their position. This is why even though this washing method is very easy – it’s not really advisable to do it yourself. A professional cleaner will have better knowledge when it comes to specific areas, how much pressure the engine actually needs, and even how to properly angle the water jet to prevent damage.

    • Car engine steam cleaning. Steam is incredibly effective in removing both dirt and grease. The hot steam melts the grease off while blowing off the dirt at the same time. The great thing about this method is you don’t use any other kind of chemical or detergent – just the hot steam will do. It’s also pretty quick – a single pass is enough to thoroughly clean surfaces with an average buildup of dirt.
      For thicker surfaces, the steam may need more work – but you can be sure that even the clingiest stains will be removed. When done by professionals, you can be sure that the engine will look and feel like new. Can you do steam cleaning yourself? While you may have a steam cleaner, the risks are too high. This is especially true if you try to steam clean engine bay which is full of electrical components. The same with pressure washers, you might jar or hit sensitive parts of the car.

    • Glass bead and soda blasting. As the name implies, the service makes use of baking soda and glass beads to perform the cleaning. Unlike car engine steam cleaning which only uses air, blasting carries with it very small particles that scrape off the dirt off your car’s engine. Since the particles are very small, they won’t cause any damage to the engine while still performing an “exfoliation” of sorts.
      Of course, keep in mind that the safety of this method depends entirely on the person performing the job. Ideally, soda blasting should be performed by a professional to avoid possible scratches on the engine. The glass beads themselves can be a form of debris if not angled properly.

    • Engine carbon cleaning. This one is a little different from the rest as it targets the carbon buildup found in the exhaust or the valves of the car. Unfortunately, these parts aren’t exactly something you can clean with a pressure washer. To solve the problem, professionals use a combination of oxygen and hydrogen to pass through the air intake of the car. This triggers a chemical reaction that helps remove the carbon deposits.

    • Hot tank engine cleaning. This is perhaps the most laborious of the different methods. It involves taking apart the engine and soaking it in a combination of chemicals and hot water. This is done for heavy buildup of grease and may take a few hours. Note though that it only works for grease build-up – rust and paint cannot be removed through this process.

    Your car’s engine cleaning needs depend primarily on the kind of car you’re driving, how old it is, and the last time you actually had it cleaned. It stands to reason that if you’ve never had your engine cleaned, a more thorough service is necessary. Once done, however, all you have to do is maintain those visits to guarantee your car’s health.

    Steam engine cleaning is usually advised for heavy debris. If you can’t remember the last time your engine was cleaned, steam service may be the best as it offers a more thorough service without depriving you of the use of your car.

    Did You Know?

    An engine wash should take as little as one hour for cars with an average amount of dirt!

    How Often Should You Get Car Engine Cleaning Service?

    Having your engine washed at least twice a year is usually the rule of thumb. Of course, that’s only if you drive on paved roads – which means that there’s a lesser chance of dirt accumulating in the engine. However, if you’re driving on dirt road – a more frequent schedule becomes important. So if you like to skirt through the main territory of Huntsville, AL, then just twice a year of engine wash should do it. If you love the open road, however, you might need to schedule more frequent visits to your mechanic.

    The good news is that engine wash price isn’t that expensive – it’s definitely something you can add to your car’s maintenance cost for longevity purposes. You can also engage an engine bay cleaning service if you want your car to have a more thorough clean. This doesn’t have to be done too often as repeated pressure can cause more problems than it fixes.

    Final Word

    To wrap it up, having your engine cleaned professionally in Huntsville, AL isn’t difficult – you’ll find service providers that are more than capable of meeting your specific needs. Just make sure you’re getting quality service from a provider who has a good and respectable history in the industry.

    With the right choice, you’ll find that your car performs better, uses less fuel, and lasts longer. Note that engine cleaning is just one of the routine car maintenance responsibilities you have to keep in mind. Generally, it’s a good idea to have your oil changed and the engine cleaned on the same day so you’ll never forget either.


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