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    Auto detailing isn’t limited to cars and SUVs only. Your truck also needs to be cleaned, corrected, and protected to preserve its value, maintain its aesthetics, and lengthen its lifetime.

    If you’re not sure how much it cost to detail a pickup truck here in Huntsville, Alabama, we’re here to offer our expertise in exterior and interior truck detailing. This article will go over the common mobile truck detailing services, and how long your waiting time will likely be. The latter part will also cover how much truck detailing prices are so that you’d know all the essential information you’d need before setting an appointment with the local auto detailer.

    Truck Detailing Services

    The goal of auto detailing is to clean and restore the vehicle. You can tell it has been done well if your truck looks like it’s new again. In general, detailing is more expensive than the typical mobile truck wash services because the services involved are more extensive and laborious. Washing trucks may be done through large automated equipment, but due to the scope of truck detailing, the services must be done manually.

    To give you a better idea of what truck detailing services you can avail of, here are the common types of services offered by professional auto detailers.

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    Cleaning Services

    Whether it’s an exterior or interior detailing package, cleaning the truck is the first step taken by most detailers. Some may use automatic washing equipment for the initial cleaning, but the rest of the cleaning activities are done by hand.

    Every exterior component of your truck will be cleaned to get rid of accumulated dirt, dust, and residues. For stubborn stains, special cleaning chemicals shall also be used to ensure that your truck will be spic and span afterward. To avoid rusting or abrasion, drying the truck is done through compressed air or wiping with microfiber towels.

    Cleaning the interior of your truck involves other steps, too. First, the detailer will vacuum every nook and cranny before shampooing the seats and carpet. Spot treatment may be done in case of noticeable stains. All plastic components inside the truck shall also be steam-cleaned, while the glass parts are wiped and sanitized.

    If you have leather seats in your truck, they will be cleaned and conditioned using special treatments to avoid drying them out. Unpleasant odors must also be eliminated and to help you maintain that, most detailers leave a complimentary air freshener inside the truck, too.

    Should Your Truck Get a Ceramic Coating?

    If you have room in your budget, we recommend protecting your investment with ceramic coating. The higher price it commands is due to the skill level required for its application and its ability to last for 2 to 7 years—much longer than either wax or sealants. In case you’re interested, expect to shell out $800 to $1,500 to have your truck ceramic coated.

    Protecting Services

    To preserve the work done by the detailer, a protective layer will be applied to the external coating of your truck. Basic mobile truck detailing packages include the application of either wax or sealant. If you want something stronger and longer-lasting, you’d have to pay extra for a ceramic coating.

    Which protective coating is the best for your truck?

    The ceramic coating offers the highest level of protection, but as we have said, it’s much pricier than the other two options. Some truck enthusiasts believe that wax leaves a more vibrant finish, thus making the color of your truck pop. However, waxes are made of natural ingredients so they do not last as long as synthetic sealants. On average, sealants could last for up to six months, compared to the few weeks of staying power that most waxes have.

    Correcting Services

    Corrections are typically not included in basic truck detailing packages. However, professionals offer special paint enhancement packages along with the usual cleaning and protecting services if they have observed imperfections on the paint job during the inspection. Correction is also needed if the paint coat of your truck has become dull or if there are scratches on its surface.

    To perform these services, the detailer will first clean the exterior of the truck since a proper glass-like finish can’t be achieved if the surface is dirty. Then, a clay bar shall be used to remove other contaminants or pollutants that may have been left behind on your truck’s current paint coating.

    Restoring the paint can be done in one to two finishes. For example, if the issue is due to dullness, your truck might just need a clear coat application. This is the outermost layer that protects the paint from harsh elements.

    However, in case of deeper scratches or more extensive paint job problems, you’d have to avail of the two-step paint enhancements that involve a colored base coat application followed by the clear coating. Regardless of the correcting service you choose, the detailer will polish the newly painted surface to make your truck look nice and glossy again.

    How Long Does a Truck Detailing Service Take?

    The duration of mobile truck detailing depends on two factors: the size of your truck and how dirty it is.

    On average, a mid-sized car can be detailed within 3 to 5 hours. Since trucks are bigger, expect the entire service to be completed within 6 hours. It will take another 1 to 2 hours if the exterior and/or interior of your truck is incredibly dirty, though.

    The Average Cost to Detail a Truck

    Pickup truck detailing prices vary from one area to another, but here in Huntsville, Alabama, the package price starts at $100 for basic inclusions but it can be as high as $550 if your truck also needs paint correction.

    The costs of truck detailing packages differ based on the materials used by the detailer. Exterior truck detailing that uses spray wax or sealants can be purchased for just $100. If you get this along with the standard interior detailing services, the total package cost is around $140. Meanwhile, premium variants may increase the price tag to $260 for exterior detailing only or $360 for the combined exterior and interior detailing packages.

    In case you spilled something inside your truck or if the smell of the seats is getting to you, you may also opt for interior detailing only. The most basic package costs about $100, while the full range of interior detailing services are priced at $220 on average.

    For paint corrections, detailers offer the one-step clear coat application together with some cleaning and protecting services at $450. In case your truck needs a base coat reapplication too, you’d have to pay about $100 more to get it done.

    Helpful Tip!

    In case you’re planning to just drop off your truck at the detailer and then run some errands while you wait, remember to check if the detailer has other appointments besides yours. That will help you better arrange your activities for that day and avoid coming back too early for the truck detailing to be finished.

    Key Takeaways

    Truck detailing is necessary to take care of your investment. While you can learn how to do it yourself, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to avoid costly—or sometimes irreversible—mistakes. With the wide variety of exterior and interior detailing packages available these days, you’d surely find something that will match your needs and budget.

    If you’re looking for reasonably priced packages in Huntsville, Alabama, check out our list of recommended truck detailers. They provide quality services with fair price tags and good customer support.

    Which truck detailing service do you need right now? Are you going for individual detailing services or a full package to get big savings? If you can’t make a decision yet because you have other questions about truck detailing services and prices, feel free to let us know by calling us and we’ll try our best to help you out further.


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