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Car Detailing Huntsville AL

Best Auto Detailing Huntsville & Madison AL

Treat Your Vehicle

"A Day In The Car Spa"

Our at home car wash service and home car detailing service use the finest selection of products from beginning to end on every car we work on. We take great care of your auto - as if you were going to the spa...

...which makes us think: how about you treat yourself to the spa whilst we take care of your car? This way you get to continue your wellbeing journey on your way home, feeling relaxed, sitting in a fresh, cleaned and well smelling ride. Mission accomplished!

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Our Services

We handle your car as our own, which means you get passion, an eye for detail and pride packed into one car detailing experience. The full service car wash, which makes us the car detailers in Huntsville AL.

Hand Wash & Dry

We hand car wash your vehicle with environment aware cleaning products. We dry off all wet spots in order to keep your car's surface stain-free.

Polish & Wax

Car polish paint removes 50% - 70% of imperfections in your paint. Makes your car almost look like new! Premium car wax or sealant provides protection for months.

Car Interior Cleaning

Interior deep cleaning consists of car seat and vehicle upholstery cleaner, car dashboard cleaning, pet hair removal, almost like inside car detailing.

Ceramic Coating

Proactively protect your vehicle's paint from weather, UV rays and a wide range of chemicals while repelling dirt, water and other contaminants.

Paint Correction

We use techniques such as clay bar or wet sanding, clear coat leveling, scratch removing or paint sealing to correct and restore the manufacturer's look.

Coating Protection

Restore the shine and luster to your vehicle by applying top-quality matte coating protection and perform long-lasting maintenance.

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Our Results

See for yourself what car detailing Huntsville can do for you!

Huntsville Auto Detailing Lexus Hybrid
Huntsville Auto Detailing Roadster Coupe
Huntsville Car Detailing Classic
Huntsville Car Detailing Nissan Armada
Huntsville Auto Detailing Interior Cockpit Cleaning
Huntsville Auto Detailing Interior Vacuuming
Huntsville Car Detailing Auto Carpet Cleaning
Huntsville Car Detailing Upholstery Treatment

Why Huntsville Car Detailing?

When we wash cars, we strive to provide high-quality auto cleaning services at fair prices for Rocket City residents. It's why we are considered the best Huntsville auto detailing.

High Quality

Hand-Made. Our services always leave your vehicle spotless – both interior and exterior. An automatic car wash simply can't.


It's true: we use hands to perform the work - at surprisingly competitive prices. Treat your car to a "day in the car spa" :)

Locally Owned

Huntsville AL is our home. We are serving our community by not only providing jobs but also "shiny looking" cars.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take no short cuts when it comes to our services and auto products. If you are not satisfied, you get a free car wash.

Environment Friendly

We believe we all must play our part in taking care of mother earth. Therefore, we pay attention to the chemicals we use.

Licensed & Insured

We are professional grade. Your car is serviced by a professional and you are in good hands. So is our insurance.

Huntsville Auto Detailing Testimonials

John A

Huntsville AL

My car needed it badly and I found Huntsville Car Detailing in an instant. Friendly staff and am greatly satisfied with the end result. Recommend this service.

Bonnie W

Huntsville AL

At first I was a little skeptical but then talked to a knowledged staff member who helped me greatly. They came to my door step and did their thing. 3 hours later I had my beautiful ride back, almost like a knight in shining armor :-)

Drew S

Madison AL

I have a serious passion for cars and was a little reluctant to hand over my beauty. But to my content Huntsville Car Detailing did a fabulous job. Will use 'em again.


Offering a wide variety of car detailing services, such as hand washing, polishing, waxing, paint correction, cockpit cleaning, vacuuming, leather treatment or deodorizing. Indeed, Huntsville Car Detailing is based in Rocket City (Huntsville/Madison AL).


  • 100% Hand Wash

  • Snow Foam Bath

  • Wheel Clean & Tire Shine

  • Condition Leather

  • Spray Wax


    We pledge to put you, our valued customer, first and provide a stress-free detailing experience.

    Only the best quality products on the market are being applied to your vehicle and we pay attention to our all environment.


    Huntsville Car Detailing

  • + 256-795-3399

  • We can't serve walk-ins so please give us a call! Our friendly staff will help you find answers.